A new way
to do protein

We want to end world hunger in a sustainable and supportable way by decentralizing the manufacturing of food, making it accessible for everyone.

Houston we have a problem

we have a problem

The current rate at which the demand for protein grows results in unsustainable and inefficient farming methods that heavily harm our beloved planet.

The Protein

Kernel is a fungus-based protein with an excellent nutritional profile and a high biological value. This means our bodies can incorporate a huge amount of proteins from each bite of Kernel.

Biological Value

Egg 100
Kernel 84
Fish 80
Meat 78
Soy 74

Kernel produces a high quality protein, perfectly balanced for proper and good nutrition of a family of four with a single kilogram per day.

Good nutrition





No Sodium



Savory Foods

Taste it

Another great attribute is that Kernel has a neutral flavor. This means that it can be used in sweet or savory foods. Its texture and bite resembles those of tuna fish, resulting in a great chewy feeling.


Fungus mycelium is the most efficient way to harvest proteins, because it grows really fast. We want to take advantage of that and we believe that working with different-sized nodes is the best way to get Kernel to every corner of the planet.

Manufacturing of food

Large Factory

With their production and distribution power, large factories are the foundation of our system.

Want to produce Kernel? Get in touch!

Medium Factory

Smaller and transportable, these factories will be placed strategically to provide Kernel on a daily basis.

Home Appliance

Families will be able to produce their own proteins at home in a sustainable and efficient way.

Environment examples

Great for the environment

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint*

Water Footprint

Water Footprint*

*compared to meat production process

Constantly improving

We've partnered with these world class leading companies in synthetic biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering to take Kernel to the next level.

We're also working with Generative Intelligence to use Artificial Intelligence to improve Kernel and make it more affordable and efficient.

So, proteins for everyone and almost no environmental impact... sounds great, right?